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#Countries/Region - Mexico - Bangladesh - Burkina Faso, etc. - Nicaragua - Cuba - East Timor (Timor-Leste) - Egypt - Iran - Mozambique - Pakistan - India - Peru - South America - Africa - Middle East - Southeast Asia

#Programs [List by name and country] Mexico PROJIMO Coyotitan PROJIMO Duranguito Pina Palmera (Oaxaca) Mas Validos (Culiacan) Etc.

Independent Living

#NGO’s and Organizations involved in disaility/CBR - World Health Organization - ILO - UNICEF - Christofel-Blindenmission - Light for the World

#Disability - Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR)

Types of disabilities
- Spina bifida
- Cerebral palsy
- Spinal cord injury
- Paraplegia
- Quadriplegia
- Paralysis 
- Polio (Paralysis infantile) 
- Blindness (Visual impairment)
- Deafness (hearing impairment, auditory deficit)
- Amputations
- Diabetes 
- Intellectual disability (mental retardation, developmental delay)
- Multiple disability

- Complications/treatment/management of disabilities
    Pressure sores

- Assistive equipment/Assistive devices/disability aids/assistive technology
    Mobility aids
    Tricycles/hand-powered tricycles
    Orthopedic appliances/braces
    Prosthetics/artificial limbs
    Special Seating/Seating
    Paper-based technology
    Standing frames
Assistive technology workshops

#Education of disabled children/schooling Mainstreaming - Special education Workshops for inclusion - Stories of disabled children - Rehab workers - Disabled - Professional - Volunteer - Occupational Therapy

#Primary Health Care - Community Based Health Care - Programs/Projects Project Piaxtla [see separate entry for subtopics] - Networks/Movements PRODUSSEP (Mexico) ASECSA (Guatemala) International People’s Health Council People’s Health Movement/Assembly

#Politics of Health - WHO/Alma Ata Declaration/Health for All - Selective vs Comprehensive Primary Health Care - World Bank/”Investing in Health” - UNICEF/Child Survival Revolution

#Medicines/Pharmaceuticals/Drugs - High cost/commercialization – cause of poor health and death - Pharmaceutical industry—exploits of Overuse and misuse Traditional healers/herbalists/medicos practicantes Healing w/o medicines

#Books by David Werner - Papers/Presentations/Writings by David Werner
- Teaching Materials Books by David Werner/ HealthWrights Books with contributions by DW Audiovisuals by DW/HealthWrights

#Educational Exchanges/Workshops Development of Teaching Materials Child-to-Child Activities

- Child-to-Child
Child-to-Child and Education for Change 
    Examples from Mexico, Bangladesh, Timor, Nicaragua, etc.

- Popular Health Education/Learning by Doing/Discovery-based Learning/Education for Change        Pablo Freire/”Pedagogy of the Oppressed”
           “But Why” game, Chain of Causes/Story of Luis/ [list all examples]

- Gourd Baby for Discovery-based Learning about diarrhea/dehydration [list all examples]

- Workshops
Assistive technology
Inclusion of disabled children in normal school

- non-disability workshops:
        Primary Health Care
        Politics of Health

Seminars/assemblies/congresses/meetings, [list by topic and country]

#Major health problems/management - Malnutrition/under-nutrition - Diarrhea/dehydration/oral rehydration (ORT) - Gourd Baby - Tuberculosis - Malaria/control program - Tetanus/Story of Luis

#Training of health workers - Traditional medicine/healers/curanderos vs. modern - Childbirth/midwives - Surveys/indicators of health - Referrals to doctors/hospitals - Iatrogenic problems - Health Ministry – cooperation/conflict with

#Corruption/Violation of Human Rights - Exploitation of poor by rich - Military/Police/Soldiers – abuses by - Drug growing/trafficking/use/control programs/War on Drugs - Alcoholism/Drunkenness - Land Tenure/Land Rights/Constitutional Land Rights/Villagers Struggle for Water/Water System/ Campesino/farm workers theater/role plays/sociodramas (list) - cause of illness, hunger, violence and death

#Stories of Primary Health Care success innovative health care

- “Story of Maria” (woman who died of “susto”)
    Saving a dehydrated child with homemade solution
                        A water system for Ajoya
                        Immunization by village health workers
                        The flood – saving Victor’s leg
    Asparagus fern as an emergency catheter saves life
    Amputating hand of boy shot by soldiers
    Land redistribution from the bottom up (several stories)
    Building the Zopilote health post 
    Doña Apolonia, the spiritual healer (several stories)
                         “Medical care has been killing our children!” mothers in the Philippines 
                         Etc. Etc.

- Piaxtla/Project Piaxtla – village health program Ajoya/Sinaloa/Sierra Madre
    Beginning of program
    History/evolution of Piaxtla 
    Pacific High School/student trips

#Agents of change – health workers as – children as – doctors and medical students as – examples from: Monterrey, Mexico Buenos Aires, Argentine (Federación de Médicos Generalistas – NL74) – occupational therapists – health activists from all fields as People’s Health Movement [several NLs]

“Women Unite to Overcome Drunkenness”